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with Venture Capital backing of 700-million-dollars, assets spanning the globe, and influence that opens doors in the most challenging regions.

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Within the most challenging arenas, KBG integrates our teams into the line of fire and renders the most daunting of circumstances inert, clearing a way for US Foreign Policy, and all desired goals and objectives.  Further, we seek to exploit the opportunities to set the conditions for US Force mission success and identify any second-order effects.  KBG is aligned with US Military and Government enterprises and Tier One Assets designed for special purpose projects and tasks.

National Security Advise & Assist // Governmental Capacity Building // Strategic Reformation // National Policy & Legislation Enabling // By, With & Through, Stability Operations

  • Military and Para-military Force Structure, Acquisition, Equipping and Training
  • Military and Para-military Leadership Selection, Evaluation, and Effectiveness Assurance
  • Intelligence Service Reform, Restructuring, Tailored Shaping and Optimization
  • Government Anti-corruption, Reform, Oversight and Legislation Proposals
  • Aviation, Ground, and Maritime Security Training and Applications


KBG is connected to US industry partnerships in a wide range of disciplines in the Defense Industrial Base.  We are jointly committed to research and design in Silicon Valley as well as The Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey, Stanford University’s Hoover Fellowship, and a myriad of venture capital firms, where access to the most contemporary technology is tested, evaluated, and acquired.  Additionally, KBG is partnered with In-Q-Tel, and the Defense Innovation Unit, as well as the private sector to gain full advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML), Cyber Techniques & Tradecraft, Human Systems, Orbital Systems, Sub-Surface Systems, Data Science, Direct Energy Weapons, etc.  All viewed through the lens of your acquisition needs, issues, applications, and objectives.

Business Strategy // Commercial Optimization // Secure IT Architecture // High-Tech Acquisitions

  • Monetary-Economic Geo-Political forecasting, evaluating, and analysis
  • Custom Acquisitions, Designer Applications
  • Security Integration of Human Capital and Talent Management
  • Custom Cyber Defense Applications
  • High Tech Asset Protection and Risk Mitigation

Institutional / Technical:

KBG has succeeded in the global marketplace where the air is thick with confusion, frustration, and uncertainty.  KBG has penetrated the fog of war within nearly all regions where investments can matter or be lost to a political whim.  Stability in regional banking institutions is a tapped code we can assist in your investment strategies.

Marketplace Connectivity and Forecasting // Platform Integration // Personnel Selection and Restructuring // Financial Institution Risk Analysis

  • Human Terrain Marketing and Investment Strategies
  • Analysis of Geographic Securities and Exchange Institutions
  • Continuity of Operations and Mission Assurance
  • International Trade Analysis and Risk Mitigation
  • Cyber Analysis and Counter-Cyber Security Applications

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