Ken Brandel Group’s engagement begins with a consultation process to determine if we are a good and mutual fit.

We will then develop a plan of action designed to accomplish your needs in the most timely, affordable, and discrete way possible.


When you contact KBG to set up an initial appointment, we will schedule a consultation session where we invite open, candid dialog regarding your situation. (Secure SCIF environment available, or we can provide TS/SCI VTC environment if needed.) If we find a mutual fit, we’ll move forward; if not we may be able to refer elsewhere.

Fee for a 3-hour consultation session $3000.00 USD // €2845.00 EUR // £2387.00 GBP.

Ken Brandel Group - KBG
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After our detailed consultation and intake process, our team of professionals will develop a plan with a list of actionable steps adhering to a rigorous schedule for achieving your specific goals.

Once the plans are reviewed and accepted, KBG will engage the appropriate assets to accomplish your mission.

Ken Brandel Group's business model and philosophy are based on the ideas of renowned Prussian general and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz.

Clausewitz believed that war and business share similarities, and both involve a clash of interests. Global business strategies stand to improve or decline depending on the ability to disrupt adversaries.

KBG's edge is based not only on our agility but also on these principles of von Clausewitz:

The Principle of Objective:

Every action must have a clearly defined and actionable goal. This is the first principle of an effective strategy. Though it may sound obvious, the importance of being certain on what you set out to accomplish is paramount, as well as how you plan to achieve it. A clearly defined objective translates into mission accomplishment in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Principle of Offensive:

Business, like war, is an intense fight for survival. Survival requires you to be on the offensive.

History shows you don’t win battles on the defensive. Rather, you need to identify the strengths, and more importantly, the weaknesses of your competitors/adversaries. KBG aggressively seeks opportunities to outperform any competitors and demonstrate to our clients how indispensable we are.

The Principle of Mass:

The principle of mass says to “concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time.” Applied to business, this means you should wait for the decisive moment before you seize the opportunity. KBG has the experience to know when the moment is right to concentrate resources to achieve your mission objectives.

The Principle of Maneuver:

Remain flexible and have enough maneuverability to pursue innovative and creative ways to better serve the clientele. In all we do, we strive to perfect our tradecraft and apply it to our way of employing the key elements of this principle like speed, surprise, and economy of effort. If you don’t move decisively, you risk stagnation.

The Principle of Surprise:

KBG’s greatest strength is the creativity and innovative mindset of our employees. This element of our business, combined with our access to high-tech sectors, creates an improved method of operation that makes us anything but predictable to our competition and/or adversaries.

The Principle of Security:

Competitors and adversaries are always on the hunt for your vulnerabilities which they can exploit to their advantage. KBG uses the savviest high-tech solutions to counter penetrations of your social, mobile, and cloud technologies integral to the operations of modern businesses. Greater innovation in security techniques and tradecraft is the solution for the modern enterprise, thus limiting your risk and increasing your security.

The Principle of Simplicity:

In the words of von Clausewitz, “everything in war is simple, but the simplest thing is difficult. The difficulties accumulate and produce a kind of friction that is inconceivable unless one has experienced war.” As a strategic leader in this unique business realm, KBG applies clear and succinct planning that is executed smoothly without issue by employees who have indeed experienced these kinds of unique difficulties.

Ken Brandel Group maintains the position to scale our company and maintain an advantage against changing markets and new competitors over time.