Ken Brandel Group provides global solutions for Government, Industry, and
Institutional clients.

Our collective experience has produced stability, security, prosperity, and promotion of
American Interests for a global clientele over many years.

Ken Brandel Group - KBG


All KBG employees have previously served our Nation and seek to further the promotion of peace, freedom, and the American Interest. In many cases our operators have spent most of their careers forward deployed and in harm’s way. Tasks completed on time, discretely, within budget, and without risk of exploitation by others is the Ken Brandel Group professional hallmark.


  • Special Government Services
  • Kinetic Battlefield Operations
  • Spectrum of Intelligence Services
  • Executive Planning Assurance
  • Personal Protection
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Ken Brandel is the Founder, President and CEO of Ken Brandel Group. Ken is a highly decorated and disabled combat veteran who served 38-years with the United States Marine Corps and 33 years with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Ken Brandel Group possesses Venture Capital backing of 100 million dollars, assets spanning the globe, and influence that opens doors in both the most friendly and the most volatile regions world-wide.